Rehabilitation Services

RHF Bixby Knolls exercise room with equipment and flat screen TV

Our 99-bed skilled nursing center is certified by Medicare and Medicaid. We offer priority admission to residents of Bixby Knolls Towers who meet admission criteria. The offered care is therapeutic and rehabilitation services that are available for those in need of 24-hour skilled nursing supervision during a period of recovery or extended stay.

Individualized care plans are developed for each resident to ensure the orders from their personal physician are followed. Care is supervised by well-trained, experienced registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nurse assistants on all three shifts.  We have a wound care specialist on staff as well. Meals are monitored monthly by a registered dietitian. Daily activities are also provided to our skilled residents.

Horton Rehab offers on-site physical, speech, and occupational therapy when ordered by the physician. Rehabilitative services are provided with the goal of reaching the resident’s highest level of functioning, regardless of medical status or length of residency. Our goal is to return residents to their highest independent level possible. Consultation and treatment are available to residents in our residential and assisted living communities for physical, occupational, and speech therapy on an outpatient basis.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are highly trained to diagnose and treat movement dysfunction with the use of physical and mechanical methods. These methods often include the use of massage, heat, exercise, and light treatment.

Plans of care may include:

  • Mobility training
  • Exercise to increase strength, range of motion, and endurance
  • Balance facilitation to assist in fall prevention
  • Modalities to address pain management
  • Facilitating proper body mechanics to assist in preventing future injury
  • Promoting safety awareness

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists treat those whose functional abilities have been impaired by illness, injury, or aging. They work with residents to encourage independence and improvement in activities required for daily life.

Areas of treatment within occupational therapy may include functional independence, maintenance of wellness, prevention of further disabilities, or increasing safety awareness.       

Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech pathologists make individualized plans with residents to improve areas of chewing, swallowing, communication, fluency, and cognitive communication impairments. Our speech and language pathologists most often treat those affected by stroke, brain injury, and dementia.

Activity Program

At Bixby Knolls Healthcare Center we believe events and activities enrich our resident’s lives. We create a fun, uplifting environment where our residents can be social, get involved, and enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities.

Our monthly event calendar is packed full of a variety of events to keep each resident entertained and engaged. Our residents are encouraged to invite friends and family to join them at our special events and activities. Click here to see our event calendar.

Activities for our Bixby Knolls Healthcare Residents Include:

  • Worship services
  • Non-denominational worship services
  • Monthly birthday party
  • Coffee talk, trivia, dominoes, etc.
  • Onsite movie events
  • Seasonal and holiday celebrations
  • Current events discussions / Newspaper